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My name is Dick Anderson.

I am a Republican Veteran running for the State Senate in District 40.

I believe in the Republican Principles of Limited Government, Freedom, Personal Responsibility and I deeply believe in The Constitution.

The Founding Fathers produced a Republican form of government that was, for the first time in History, formed around FREEDOM, personal sovereignty & Rule of Law (not Rule by Men), with no barriers to creativity or opportunity.
                                The results were miraculous.
Republican - State Senate District 40
I respectfully request your support.
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Restoring The CONSTITUTION to The People
Returning EDUCATION to parents & teachers
Restoring INTEGRITY to the State Senate
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                                     But, all that has changed. 
The Constitution and Rule of Law  have been thrown in the dumpster.
Day by day, the demagogues, in their quest for Power & Wealth, have been taking away our Freedoms and with them, our Happiness, Creativity, Motivation & Wealth are disappearing too.

I want my children, my grandchildren and YOU to enjoy the Freedoms that I once enjoyed.

The solution is simple: 
          Our Elected Representatives must follow their oaths:

To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States 
We started as a small Colony and became the Greatest Country on Earth in a very short time.

   The entire World came to admire and hoped to be like the USA.
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